How to Attach and Copy Files from VHD in Windows 10

We all need to backup our files and important data to any other external hard drive for safety. But what you do if your external hard drive get corrupted or stolen. For that purpose you have to find a better solution for the backup of your data.

You can use VHD or Virtual Hard Disk to backup all your important data. VHD is not a external hard disk, its just a virtual representation of your physical hard drive. Just like your physical or external hard drive, in VHD also you are able to disk partition with files and folders.


From Windows Vista, Microsoft introduces a feature to backup all your PC’s data that is ‘Complete PC Backup’ and in Windows 7 this feature become known as ‘System Image’. This is very important feature added by Microsoft. When you backup all your data it creates a system image of your PC as a Virtual Hard Disk file. So from Windows 7, Microsoft added this feature of VHD support in the windows file explorer.

Here, in this post i will guide you how you can copy and manages files from VHD in your Windows 10 PC.

Before we proceed, lets have a look of Features of VHD.


  • You can easily move all your files from VHD to your PC and vice-versa.
  • Easily you can backup all your data to VHD and also recover it.
  • It provides the security of your important data.
  • Physical to virtual and virtual to physical conversion is possible.
  • Support for multiple user isolation.
  • Easy to deploy and very easy to use as a physical hard drive just like your PC’s hard drive.

How to Manage and Mount VHD File in your Windows 10

First make sure that the system file that you have created as a virtual hard disk file are accessible to you. Then open quick access menu and click on ‘Disk Management’ option.


Now, click on ‘Action’ menu and select ‘Attach VHD’.


Now navigate to the location of your VHD file where you have stored your system’s backup data.

After that the VHD file is mounted in the Disk management. It was just as a normal regular physical hard drive. For your ease we show it here as drive letter ‘k’.

disk 3

Now open the virtual hard disk by browsing it in ‘Computer’ section. Now copy all the files from your VHD to your PC.

disk 4

After your work done with the VHD, eject it from the ‘Notification Area bar’ just like you do for the external hard drive.

Note:¬†It may possible that when you attach the VHD file to the Disk Management, it doesn’t show any drive letter, specially it happens when you attached for the first time.

So you can resolve this issue simply by assigning a drive letter.

To Assign a Drive Letter to VHD

Simply right click on the VHD file and select ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths‘.


Now, select the ‘Assign the following dive letter‘ box and select available dive letter and click on OK. Also you will be able to assign permanent drive letter to the VHD.

So, this is the simple ways to copy and manages file from VHD in your Windows 10 PC.

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