How to Access Blocked Websites on an Android Device? Easily!

Websites are being blocked in many nations for different reasons. In my collage day lots of websites were blocked in our hostel Wi-Fi connection. Fortunately there is always workround for accessing blocked websites as long as there is internet.Easiest way of unblocking this websites is using Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Today we will talk about some of the best VPNs available in the market. Accessing blocked websites are easier on the android devices because of free VPN app like HOLA,Hotspot Shield, TunnelBear etc. Apart from basic VPN function, these app allows you to switch countries with ease, which makes it easy to bypass geographically blocked websites.

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Here are few VPNs which are very popular:

  1. HOLA-

Hola is one of the most popular VPN app available for different platforms. You can use it like as Chrome extension. Hola gives you better and secure browsing experience compared to other VPN apps. It has the capability of overriding various apps and sites. More importantly this app is free of cost.


You can download the app from here Download now

  1. Hotspot Shield-

This is also one of the most trustworthy VPN app for Android. It has two version one is free and other one is premium. In the free version you will only get limited no. of country, bandwidth and so on. Though free version works very well but if you want better service you should purchase premium version. One of the best thing about this app is, it is very less in size and it can be installed in android 2.0+ also.

hotspot shield

You can download the app from here Download now

  1. Tunnelbear-

The user interface is the main attraction of this app.Tunnelbear also has two version free and premium. Free version has few limitation like it has restriction in bandwidth and number of country. Tunnelbear can be installed in Android 4.0 and later version. You can unblock any websites and safely use Wi-Fi at any public place. The most important thing is that you will be invisible when you use any public network.


You can download this app from here Download now

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  1. Hideman-

It is a premium VPN service. But no need worry, you can try the free version before purchasing. But it has limitation because you will only able to access from two country i.e. UK and USA. If you use free version you will only be able to browse internet for 5 hours in a week. You can protect your online privacy by 256-bit encryption. One of the positive thing is you can install it on android 2.1+.


You can download the app from here Download now

All the above VPNs that we have mentioned are good. It’s your choice which one you want to use.

Thank you.

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