Gadgets That Can Make Your Home a Better Place To Live

Love begins at home, and it’s not how much we do…. But how much love we put in that action. ~~~Mother Teresa. And this home is not been made in a day. So if any damage is done to our home, it won’t be a sweet memory to remember. Whether you have a home of your own or a rented house as long as you live in it you must feel safe. Often we see or hear on news channel and newspapers that valuable things are stolen, property has been damaged, money or jewelries has been robbed etc. So living in the era of science and technology little investment can make your life a lot easier. After all we all know prevention is better than cure.

hose secure

So here in this article we will take a look at some of those gadgets that can make your home a better place to live. Now the given gadgets are the one that can protect your house from any burglary, thieves, Robbery or any other harmful activities that can take place with your house.

Here are the few gadgets that can help you make your home safe:  

  1. Digital Peephole Viewer:

This device is made for those who are habituated to see who is on the other side of the door via peephole of the door. This is great device that helps you seeing when someone knocks at your door.

door lock

This is very easy to install and not expensive as CCTV camera. This is really a great device to have in your home. It can toggle between regular and zoom mode with a push of the button.

  1. Bio-metric USB Flash Drive:

bio metric usb

This is a very cool device to have where you can let the person in whom you want with the help of scanning finger prints. So basically the fact is that you home will be lock with the Finger prints with which you can open the door of your home.

3. Secret Electric Socket Stash:


This look like a normal electric socket but actually a small compartment when u can hide your very personal belongings. Thief could never even imagine about it. And u can securely hide your money jewelleries etc.

4. Dummy Surveillance Camera:

surveillance camera

This is a device to fool the robber. People are normally conscious whenever they see that they are being watched by a camera. When robber see that camera they will not check whether it’s a real one or fake. However it’s a real or fake the dummy surveillance camera will scare them off. The good thing about this dummy surveillance camera is that u can install it anywhere at cheap cost.

4. Laser Tripwire:


This is a very high security system where you can establish invisible protection in your house. This can give you alarm without letting the intruder know about it. A laser tripwire can take photo of the intruder and upload it in the internet. So it’s a very great product as it makes you aware before the intruder enter in your property and keeps the intruder at bay.

5. Home Monitoring System:


In the above security gadget all gives protection to your whole house. If you think that only a particular room is need to be monitored then this Home Monitoring System will be best for you. A system called Canary has a facial recognition property. You just need to have a smart phone. If any intruder enters in your room it will inform you by sending message to your smartphone.

6. Barking Dog Alarm:

security dog

It comes with motion sense detector. When someone approaches it starts off with a warning bark and its angrier and angrier. According to the retired burglars these bark are scary enough to make the intruder leave out of your property. So if you are not fond of dog or if you think your pet will not help you protecting you can definitely have this one.


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