How to use Gmail Undo Send Feature

It happens to the best of us that we send an email and after that we wish if we could take it back or write something else instead. It may also happen that you wrote your own name wrong or spelled someone’s name wrong in list or you forgot to add attachments. You just only wish to take that mail back. Now stop regretting!!! If you are a Gmail user there is a good … [Read more...]

How to Transfer Files From PC to Android Phone Wirelessely

It's been time for wireless every where, now people doesn't refer using cable that much every body wants to use wireless connection because it looks smarter then that of cable. Same is when we transfer our files from computer to our mobile or tablets, this days no body carries USB cable with them as it takes space and also some times it get torn off internally, but … [Read more...]

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows

Now a days our PC/laptop has became a storage place to keep our important files or folders, you know it's all about technology now a days. In our PC/laptop there are many partition  but we mainly keep our important files or folders in hard drive partition, so that if any thing happen to your PC/laptop you can take out the hard drive and take out all your important … [Read more...]

Gadgets That Can Make Your Home a Better Place To Live

Love begins at home, and it’s not how much we do…. But how much love we put in that action. ~~~Mother Teresa. And this home is not been made in a day. So if any damage is done to our home, it won’t be a sweet memory to remember. Whether you have a home of your own or a rented house as long as you live in it you must feel safe. Often we see or hear on news channel and … [Read more...]

Download Kik for PC/Laptop/Mac|Install Kik Messenger on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Download Kik Messenger For PC/Laptop/Mac: Install Kik Messenger app on your PC/Laptop/Mac it sound quite interesting right so just continue reading the article till the end and you will get a clear idea on what I am talking about. Now Kik Messenger app is a very useful app that will let you send free messages from your Smartphone with many other added unique … [Read more...]