Top 5 best WiFi booster app for your Android Phone

In this era we all run for WiFi networks, searching for WiFi networks here and there. If you are having WiFi in your house or near by house which you can access with your Android Phone but after sometime you found out that the network is giving very less speed. In this situation what you only can do is, there is a app category as WiFi booster app which helps you in … [Read more...]

How to Access Blocked Websites on an Android Device? Easily!

Websites are being blocked in many nations for different reasons. In my collage day lots of websites were blocked in our hostel Wi-Fi connection. Fortunately there is always workround for accessing blocked websites as long as there is internet.Easiest way of unblocking this websites is using Virtual Private Network (VPN). Today we will talk about some of the best … [Read more...]

Best Free Download Manager for Android Device

Your internet connection is good but are you still facing slow downloading speed? It’s might happen because of the browser that you are using for downloading file.So it’s time to change your browser and download manager is the best solution for you. Download Manager is a programme to enhance the process of downloading file. Download managers accelerates the download … [Read more...]

How to Transfer Files From PC to Android Phone Wirelessely

It's been time for wireless every where, now people doesn't refer using cable that much every body wants to use wireless connection because it looks smarter then that of cable. Same is when we transfer our files from computer to our mobile or tablets, this days no body carries USB cable with them as it takes space and also some times it get torn off internally, but … [Read more...]

How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android

How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on Android: Do you own multiple Instagram Accounts? Then you might certainly want to know how to run multiple Instagram Accounts on Android. As managing two Instagram Account on a single Android Device is quite difficult as it will contain logging in and logging out from one account to the other account. So now here in this … [Read more...]