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Best Free Movie Apps For Android: Watching Movies is one of the best way to pass our time and relax our self from this hectic and busy lifestyle that we are living today. And we could never imagine our life without Movies it keeps us entertaining during our boredom time and thanks to the fact that Android Devices are available where we can install Free Movies App to stream and Watch Movies Online 2015.

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Now apart from this App giving access to Thousands of Movies Online it will also give you access to the latest TV Shows with different genre. As Watching Movies Online has became so popular many New Movies Apps are release every month and some of them are worth trying but some of them are total waste of time and it contains many vulnerability which might harm our Android Device so its better to download only the Movie which are safe.

You can download all the Movie Apps either from Google Play Stores or other Sources but to make your work easier here in this article I have listed the Top 5 Free Movie App For Android which you can use to Watch and Stream Movies Online 2015 for Free.

Top 5 Free Movie App For Android|Best Apps For Streaming Movies Online 2015:

The Apps given below are the Top 5 best Apps for Streaming Movies Online 2015 where you will get to watch all the latest Movies and TV series at high quality on your Android Phone and Tablet for Free.

  1. Crackle:

Crackle is one of the best App to watch and Stream Movies Online on your Android Phone and Tablet. It has a huge collection of Movies and TV series at high quality which you can Stream online for free right on your Android Device.


Crackle has a huge fan base and it is one of the favorite Movie Streaming app of Google Play Store mainly because it gives a great user experience with great interface and a huge Movie Collection to keep you entertaining and if you are are a hardcore fan of Streaming Movies online on your Android Device then this Movie App is one of the must have App on your Android Device.

2. MovieBox:

Now if your are a Fan of watching and Streaming Movies on your Android Device then MovieBox is another App that you must go for as it will provide you with a huge collection of Movies, TV serials, Music Videos and many more right on your Android Phone and Tablet.


Another plus point is that using MovieBox you can also download the Movies in HD format and MovieBox supports different formats such as MP4, FLV, WMV, MKV etc. Where Movies are displayed to you with Teasers and Rating So that you can find the best Movie to watch on your Android Device.

3. Viewster:

Viewster is another Movie App that you must try out if you want to watch Movies Online for Free on your Android Device. Viewster gives a huge collection of Movies, TV serials, Anime to choose from. Now if you are a Anime fan then this is one of the Movie App that you absolutely must have on your Android Phone and Tablets.


Viewster Movie App mainly focuses on Original contents rather than the mainstream Hollywood Movies and you can all watch all the Videos and Movies for free without any signup’s.

4. Showbox:

Showbox Movie App is another awesome App for entertainment where you can watch and stream Movies and TV series online for Free. This is one of the best app for Watching and Streaming Movies for free due to which it has million of users around the globe.


Now Showbox is not available for you to download on your Android Phone and Tablet from Google Play Store but the good news is that you can easily download the Showbox Movie app from the Official site of Showbox. Now if you are using Showbox you can download your Favorite content for watching it offline.

5. Hubi:

Hubi Movie App is another App that you must try out if you are hardcore fan of Watching Movies on your Android device. Hubi is an impressive tool for watching and download Movies for Free.


It also contains a huge collection of TV shows, Music Videos, and many more. This app also allows its users to watch its content online and download the content this features allows you to download all your Favorite Movies and Videos on your Android which you can watch offline.

Other Free Movies App To Try Out:    

  • PlayBoxHD
  • Flipps TV
  • Free Movies
  • BigStar Movies
  • Google Play Movies and TV

So the above given are the Top 5 Movies App for Android where you can watch and stream Movies Online free 2015. Now if you have any other awesome Movie App that you want to share with us please leave your Movie App below in the Comment section below.

Thank You.

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