Best Free Download Manager for Android Device

Your internet connection is good but are you still facing slow downloading speed? It’s might happen because of the browser that you are using for downloading file.So it’s time to change your browser and download manager is the best solution for you.

Download Manager is a programme to enhance the process of downloading file. Download managers accelerates the download by segregating the file into multiple parts and also downloads them simultaneously, that’s how the downloading speed increases. It can also resume broken downloads so you don’t have to start downloading form beginning.

There are lots of download manager you will find in the play store. Here we are recommending you some of the best download managers for your Android Device.

  1. Turbo Download Manager:

turbo download manager

Turbo Download Manager is one of the fastest download manager available in the market. It enhances your download speed 5 times more than normal time. Actually it uses multiple http connections to accelerate the downloading speed. You can also customize the downloading speed of the files you are downloading at a time.

Turbo Download manager has the ability to resume the interrupted files. You can download this app from Here.

Download now.

Other features of Turbo Download Manager

  • Download History
  • Notification with sound when download finishes
  • Supports unlimited file size
  • Configure download directory settings
  • Background progress
  1. Advanced Download Manager:

Advanced Download Manager is one of the most powerful and popular download manager. It is designed in such a way that it can divide the downloading file into three parts and you can set the maximum speed for the part you want.

advanced download manager

It can resume files which was interrupted for any reason. It supports browsers like Chrome,Stock Browser, Dolphin and Boat Browser. Advanced Download Manager has a build in web browser. Suppose the download link is not a direct link, then this free app automatically opens build in web browser to get the fresh link.

You can download the app from this link.

Download Now.

Other features of Advanced Download Manager

  • It supports multiple tabs
  • Boost downloader for 2G, 3G and 4G networks
  • Supports file larger than 2 gigabyte
  • Autoresume after errors and break connection
  • Completion notification by sound and vibration
  1. Loader Droid Download Manager:

Loader Droid Download Manager

Loader Droid Download Manager is great app to download any kind of file. It can download app, image, music, videos, etc.

Loader Droid Download Manager also divides the downloading file into three different parts which results in accelerating the download speed. You can easily resume the interrupted files.

The good thing about this app is it pauses the download automatically whenever connection is lost and again resumes automatically when the connection comes back.

You can download the app from here.

Download Now.

Other features of Loader Droid Download Manager

  • Scheduling
  • Auto pause and resume whenever connection is lost or connection comes
  • Light and dark theme for your preference
  • Link replacement feature for outdated links
  1. Easy Downloader Pro:

easy downloader pro

If you have problem downloading multiple file at a time this is the best app for you. This lets you download 10 different files at time.

You can download any type of file with this app. You can organise all the files in order. You can also download large file in different easily.

You can download files directly browsers through share link or by coping/pasting the link directly into the app.

You can download the app from here

Download Now.

Other features of Easy Downloader Pro

  • Be able to manage files in SD card
  • Multiple protocols supported so multiple files supported
  • Pause or resume downloads
  • Progress bar and notifications
  • Download multiple files at the same time to speed up at least 50%
  1. Download Manager For Android:

download manager for android

Download Manager for Android is the ultimate file downloader and web browser solution, combining the convenience of android’s best browser. It has a built-in media player which makes the app more special. It download and playback speed is 3 times faster than normal browser.

Download manager for android allows you to download files in parallel parts reusing connection to increase downloading speed. It has resume capacity and also supports large files upto 2GB.

You can download the app from here.

Download now.

Other features of Download Manager for Android

  • Browser with blazing speed
  • Download up to 3 times faster
  • Media download and customization
  • It has a in built media player
  • File sharing and social support

These are the few apps you can try for experiencing best downloading speed. As you can see this apps are multipurpose app. So you should give these app a try.

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