Best Android Apps to Make Free Calls

Android is the most popular operating system that is used in mobile phones, tabs. With the increase of its popularity now a days many android developers are making new apps and make them available on Google Store. In earlier days we have to pay for any phone calls, but now with blessings of technology and popularity of Android OS, we don’t have to pay any money or i can say phone calls won’t costs us money anymore. Now, Android apps are there to make free calls.

Android apps to make free calls

These Android apps uses data connection, that is it solely depends on internet for making calls free of cost. There are many Android Apps to Make Free Calls, but not all are the best one. So to make your task i.e choosing a right Android apps to make free calls, here in this post i have listed some Best Android Apps to make free calls.

Best Android Free Calling Apps :

Here is the list of best android apps to make free calls. Let’s have a look.

Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

Facebook has its own messenger, we all know about it. With this Facebook messenger, you can instantly message any one of your friends. You can chat with your friend without opening the main Facebook page, if this messenger is installed on your Android phone. Now You can call anyone with this over the internet, without paying any money. This messenger uses your data connection for calling instead of wire-less connection.

But make sure the person you are going to make calls have installed this calling app on their smartphone. Not only calling, you can share photos, videos over this app. ( Note: the calling feature of this app are free if you connected to Wi-fi network, otherwise the standard data charges apply. )

KaKao Talk

kakao talk

KaKao Talk is another free Android calling app available on Google play store. Not only call to someone, you can send photos, videos, text messages, voice notes sing this App. It supports high quality voice calls, so that you can talk with anyone of your friends easily without any call drop. Also it has group calling feature which is a great thing you will found on this android app.

Line Messenger


You can use Line to make free calls on your Android device. Its a great android calling app. You can easily talk with your family and friends on voice calls and also you are able to video call to your friends. Not only this, you are always able to touch with your friends through instant messages and can send photos, videos whatever you want. You can easily find it on Google Play store.



WhatsApp is another one of the best android App to make free calls to anyone you want. Its the most popular Apps these days. Quality f the voice calls also good. If you have fast internet connection then it would be better. With WhatsApp not only you can call someone, also you can instant chat with your friends, send images and videos etc. You can download it free from the Google Play store.

Hike Messenger


Hike is another Android app that has free calling feature. You can call with high sound quality over 2G/3G/4G and wi-fi networks easily over many countries. Also You can send text messages, share files and documents etc.

It has features of free group calls over conference up to 100 people. A great android calling App. It will available free in Google Play Store.



Another good Android app for free calling features. It has over 600 million users globally. Through this app you can make phone calls as well video calls free of cost with the high sound quality.  Also you can share photos, videos, voice messages to your friends through this app. It is one of the mostly used app to make free calls over your Android phones. You can easily download it from Google play.



Through this Android App you can easily call anyone free of cost. Also this app supports video calling with high sound and video quality. Obviously, for this you need fast internet connection. Its a free solution available to you and easily download it from Google Play.

Also it supports sending videos, images, text as well as voice messages that is all kind of multi-media.

Note: All the above listed apps that gives free calling feature, is only works if the both party has installed the app.

So, these are the list of Best Android apps to make free calls, that are freely available to you. You can use any of the apps to make free calls over your Android phone.

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